Salento - Province of Lecce

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About us and our services is a showcase created to provide people with information about housing facilities managed by private owners, located in Gallipoli and surroundings. Our aim is to help visitors choose their accomadations, providing them with all the useful information to organise a safe and good trip. To do so, we thought about developing a detailed description og Gallipoli and its sorrounding are, a place full of nature and art that every year attracts thousand of tourists. Between art, itineraries and day trips, traditional food, local feasts, night clubs and the best of salento's night life, you will have the chance to make the best of your unforgettable journey in Gallipoli!

We are neither a tour operator nor a travel agency, rather an indipendent group which decided to make available to visitors not only its own independent group which decided to make available to visitors not only its own accomodations, but also any other useful informtion. We will also try to catch in a resourceful and the same time delicate way your attention for our land. Salento has always been a tourist destination at the global level: every year thousand of people coming from every part of the world spend a holiday in our region. We aim at providing our clients with a complete offer: starting from the simple (but very important) choice of an accomodation, we will help you explore the area throughtout the whole holiday, so that you won't miss any of the important things of the region. Gallipoli rises up on a strip of land located in the South-West area of the province of Lecce, Salento's main city also know as "Florence of the south", mainly because of its famous baroque cathedrals and monuments. Furthmore, the area has long agricoltural traditions (known for the production of olive oil, wine, fruits and vegetables), folk festivals and traditional dances (the focara of Sant' Antonio in Novoli and the dance of the swords in Torre Paduli).

Gallipoli and salento. Some historical hints.

Going back in the time, salento has been conquered and dominated by several civilizations over the centuries, in particular by the Ottoman Empire, which invaded Otranto during the infamous battle in 1.480. In this ferocious battle, invaders had been kept away as much as possible, but they were finally able to land: many people were brought to Turkey and reduced to slavery, many others were killed, in particlar we remember those 800 people who were killed because they had refused to repudiate Christianity. Their remains are now exhibited in the cathedral of the city, devoted to its "Saint martyrs of Otranto".

As for Gallipoli, it has been invaded by many conquerors throughout centuries: Romans, Barbarians, Byzanties, greeks, Normans, Angevins, Aragoneses, Venetians, spanish and french. The several monuments located in the old city are a trace of th passage of these populations (Greek fountain, cathedral of Sant'Agata, historical buildings).

We will particularly devote the section "Art and culture"  to the history of Gallipoli.

By the way it's not our intention to prevent you from a d.i.y. holiday style, we just want to help you organise your journey, telling you what to visit and when to visit it. we wish you an excellent web-surfing!