Salento - Province of Lecce

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How come your offer of accomodations is scarce? Is this a wensite for finding an accomodation?

Not exactly. We have a small offer of accomodations since our aim is not to publish as many housing facilities as possibile, rather to out an added value to the client's ultimate choice. Before publishing an advertisement, we check whether the accomodation meets the required standards. these standards refer both to the qulity of the offered serviced and the reliability otf the private owner (we check and verify the accomodation , as well as the suotability of the facilities as advertised on the website, we publish non-photoshopped truthful pictures and verify the overall reliability of the owner).

I'm a private owner, can I advertise my accomodation on your website?

We are not really an advertising website, hence we cannot advertise accomodations that don't belong to our members. Each of us advertises her/his own accomodations and manages them. is just a showcase for advertising holiday housing owned and managed by our members. However you can contact us and we can discuss this possibility with you!

I tried to contact the owner, but I received only wrong and unclear information. What should I do?

It's important to alert us, so just contact us and tell us what exactly happened. We will check everything and in case of a wrong advertisement, we will delete it from the website.

I contact the owner but I haven't received any answer yet. What should I do?

Everybody has interest in answering to every request, but we may need time to respond to everybody.

On the website not all the useful information (availability calendar, published pages, memeberships, etc.) Why?

There are still works in progress, so that a more complete version of will be available for you!

I want to organize a holiday in Gallipoli, cn I ask for information that is not possible to find on the website? 

Sure, we will try to answer to any question you may have. Call or email us, and we will answer as soon as possible!

Do you have any special agreement with some cafes-restaurants-beach clubs?

There are works in progress also for what concerns such kind of offers, but these agreements depend on the number of clients asking for them...the more you are, the easier it will be to reach such agreements!


Everybody tells me to visit Gallipoli in summer, but is there something interesting to do also during the other periods of the year?

There are a lot of reasons to visit Gallipoli even during the other periods of the year: wonderful weather (from November to March the average temperature is 16 degrees), delicious food, art, religious/heathen feasts typical of salento, cheap prices, crystal clear sea and beach clubs opened until October and from march on. In winter there are a lot of attractions, which are generally not advertised since they are mainly destined to the local popultion.  Visit the specific menu pages and discover a lot of thinghs!

I booked an accomodation through a private owner, but once arrived in gallipoli i couln't find it. What should i do?

Prevention is better than a cure! Choose the accomodation that suits you the best ( from any website you may find), and pay attention while booking, especially if you don't have the chance to verify the advertisement. Never use "bizzarre" payment methods, such as bank transfer to foreigner accounts, and next time trust only us!

I'm not satisfied about my expetactions, can I tell you about it?

Sure, and we will be grateful if you do so! You may have understood concept: it's a tourist-oriented website, but it also has something new. Each of you is invited to alert us about anything missing from the website or for any information you may require, and she/he may be even able to work on it (after an interview with us), having the chance to be one of us! Thus any initiative you may have to improve the quality and effectiveness of our website is more than welcome!