Salento - Province of Lecce

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As previously mentioned, there isn't an ideal season to visit the "pearl of the ionian sea" or the whole area of salento. In recent years summer in Gallipoli has been characterized by the vibrant nightlife of its disco clubs (among the most famous in Europe), and by the crystal clear sea of Baia verde and sorroundings, but those are just few of the many reasons why one would like to spend a holiday in Gallipoli.

The hiliday duration depends only on one's needs: hot weather, sun, events and many other things inform Gallipoli's life in July and August, plus many other activities going on throughout the year.

Our aim is to make you choose the best period to go to Gallipoli according to your needs. To do so, let's introduce you a monthly account of life in Gallipoli.


Start the new year in Gallipoli! The new year'eve is undoubtedly a very important celebration for all of us. There are those who like to spend this day in the montains, those who go to the city and those who the sea! Weather is not that beautiful, though (it's quite cold, but you have to consider that the temperature never goes under 0° degrees), however it's mitgated by the sea. In this period you will have the chance to visit Christmas markets and local festivals, and you will taste the typical Crhristmas sweets: purceddhuzzi, cartellate etc. One event not to miss is the Focara festival of Sant'Antonio Abate (Novoli). You will take part of the traditional blessing of pets and animals and to an appetizing wine and food fai including not only Christmas pastries, but also fish and meat.


This is the month in wich the Carnival of Gallipoli takes place, officially starting from the 17 th of February with the lightening of the focara. A number of floats realised by papier-màche artisan parades alongside Corso Roma, attracting many visitors from the sorrounding area. Like for any other celebration, during the Carnival you will be able to taste the typical sweets of Carnival: chiacchere, widespread in the South of Italy. Their name comes from the Italian word for chitchat, since they are easy to reproduce, exactly like words in a conversation.


It's springtime! From mid-march, people stop using the heating in their houses and start long walks along the seaside! In fact in this month all the well known beach clubs in Gallipoli start organising some important events feautered by the most famous european artists anf's a sort of opening ceromony for the explosive summer season! Don't miss the feast day of San Giuseppe and its typical tables full of food on 13 th March, celebrated in Otranto as well as in other small villages.


It's the month tourists from abroad  like tho most: the weather is fully tempered, and it's probabily the best period for those who want to discover the "beautiful city" and salento in harmony with the land. There are few tourists and beaches are almost desert, though they are ready for people to get the very first suntan, with all the breath-taking colours of sunsets and sunrises enjoyable along the seaside or in the countryside, face to face with nature. Listening to the sound of the sea alone on a beach evokes indescribable can have a grasp of it by watching the videos, and tou will come to try these sensations: a relaxing weekend outside city is absolutely worth!


Little by little summer peeks out: it's time to take the first bath in the sea (for the bravest one). Beaches are still quite desert during the week but start to be crowded during the long weekends. The average temperature in the morning is never below 23 degrees, while it is relatively low at night (this period is characterized by the highest temperature rangr). In order to be well equipped for your stay, we suggest that you bring with you both spring and summer clothes.


Here we are! Despite the calendar's system, it's been a while sice summer has started: weather is fantastic, hot days are bearable in the morning and one can also enjoy cool evenings...usually people don't need bed sheets anymore! The Ionian city and its beaches start to be crowed. The old city attracts many tourists (mainly foreigners) and the beach clubs located in Baia verde start running happy hours, events until sunset and paries in exclusive clubs! 


Summer, conceived in terms of relaxing time, is nearly at the end, since from July Gallipoli is an attractive place where to party for young people coming from all over the Europe. The city and in particular Baia verde start to be attended by people who want to have fun: students who have just finished the school travel in groups towards Gallipoli with the aim of getting fun and stay cool. 


 For those who ove the nighet out: the most important european djs, the most famous music bands, as well as young people from all over the country will be in Gallipoli in order to make the biggest summer parties in Italy start! In august Gallipoli reaches the highest point of its popularity. All what you have been waiting for, all your imaginations about the sea and the land are now at your fingertips, you have only to choose...not so easy to do, though! Almost everywhere you'll find crowed beaches, so if it's what you're looking for, it's going to suit you. ON the contrary, if you're looking for a calmer space, you'd better go just outside the city in order to enjoy sun in a very relaxed place. Feast day not to miss: "La Lizza", taking place in Alezio from 14 th to the 16 th of August, as well as "Santu Roccu" in Torre Paduli (Ruffano), with its typical dance of the swords.


Has the summer gone? Not yet, you sill have one month to take a good bath with warm temperature ( 20-22 degrees). Honestly in genral in the last weeks of August a heavy shower is forecast, but it's not going to cause any big damage or prevent you from moving easily. The temperature starts to get lower, but it's still nice to keep short-sleveed t-shirts even during the evening, without feeling cold! The sea offers wonderful landscapes that are more enjoyable now than early in summer, because of the crowd as well as the hot weather (reaching even 45 degrees in August). The prices for several services (included transportation) become lower, what makes things easier for tourists. It's still possibile to enjoy all the summer facilities, but maybe now parties will finish ealier and summer shops will be closed.


Autumn has jus started and the sea is just a's time to start a trip to discover nature and art in Salento! In this period is better to have a car, since the tranportation serices provided in summer are no more available, and it's difficult to use public transports to visit the city. If you are interested by the baroque of Lecce, what are yiu waiting for? Go and visit the "Florence of the south", and for any information about itineraries and services about lecce, visit


You may still enjoy the very last warm days of the year, since in November winter begins. The average temperature is between 9-17 degrees, not bad though. Ok, it's no more time for getting suntanned (or mayble you could still be able, who knows)., but you will be able-like in October-to enjoylow cost life to spend a weekend or even a week by the beach. The traditional feast day of thi month is San Martino, patron saint of Taviano ( 7 Km from Gallipoli). It's the day of "mieru", whine and excellent product from salento which nowadays can be found all over Italy, sold by old and high standing wine cooperatives.


It's Christmas time: decorations, markets, typical Christmas fragrances are the leitmotiv of this period, and of course they all characterize december in Gallipoli. Weather starts to be cold, but no problem! With a winter coat you should be protected from cold (7-15 degrees) and wind. But keep in mind that even in the coldest months of the year is still possible to have sunny days and have a rest on the beach.